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Monthly Archives: September 2016

Small Businesses Online Security

The spotlight for online security for independent companies in the United Kingdom has never been brighter. The new European Data Protection Regulation, which controls the movement of individual information inside the European Union (EU), will come into full impact by April 2018 – which replaces the past Data Protection Directive because of its obsolete rules.

In spite of the UK’s EU submission vote in June 2016, which saw the UK vote to leave the European Union with 52% voting to leave (, we will in any case need to take after the new Regulation if private companies in the UK wish to exchange with nations inside the EU. What’s more, independent ventures need to listen up, or hazard being deserted in the event that they neglect to expand their security and ensure their information.

A late review by the Close Brothers uncovered that 63% of UK little to medium enterprise’s (SME) proprietors and administration have picked not to put resources into online security, with 36% saying they are not worried in regards to it by any stretch of the imagination (source: Close Brothers). With the quick approaching European Data Protection Regulation changes these measurements are reason for caution.

Here, we have highlighted three of the top dangers in online security for independent ventures with the goal that you can begin contemplating what you have to do to ensure your business and plan for the new European Data Protection Regulations.

# Risks in online security for small businesses

— Increasing threat

A large majority of small businesses in the United Kingdom simply ignore the threat of cyber crime against their small business because they don’t believe they are a target or worth the effort. But you might be surprised to know that it’s not the big-fry businesses hackers are after, small businesses are actually top of the list when it comes to targets for hackers – generally because of the lack of online security they have in place.

Stop them in their tracks and protect your small business now before it’s too late. Take the proactive approach and look into what measures can start being introduced to your small business in order to improve your online security and protect your businessand your customers’ valuable data from hackers.

— Cloud data

The Cloud has changed the way businesses work. We can now be more agile than ever, employees can work whenever and wherever they like thanks to the Cloud, and we can access our data at the drop of a hat – even if we’re the other side of the world. But this comes at a cost and introducing Cloud systems which have not been thoroughly researched or properly set up could result in a serious data breach. Xero accountants, Approved Accounting, think small business owners shouldn’t be afraid to embrace new technology, especially if they want to experience business growth, but should approach with caution. “Use Cloud platforms which put security at the heart of what they do” says owner of Approved Accounting Jon Green, “find out as much as you can about their security and data protection policies, and if that information isn’t readily available then ask for it.” Keeping records, such as financial data on a computer or hard drive is a disaster waiting to happen – but storing that data on a platform which isn’t secure could also land you in hot water, and in the worst case scenario could cost you your business.

— Untrained staff

Your team are your small business’ biggest asset, but when it comes to cyber crime they can be your biggest risk if they are not made aware of the dangers of their online activities. Spoof emails and ransomware are becoming increasingly common in small businesses. 54% of businesses in the UK have been targeted by some form of ransomware attack, according to a survey from secutiry firm, Malwarebytes. Ransomeware steals and encrypts all of your data, which you can’t get back until you’ve paid the hackers a ransom – some businesses have reported paying in excess of $50,000 in order to get their data back and keep their business unscathed.

Ensure your staff are educated on the types of attacks they may come across, such as spoof emails, and put procedures in place so everyone knows what to do should you be targeted. Employing a reputable IT support company will help ensure you are protected and up-to-date with the latest threats.

Know The Advantages and Disadvantages of Ebook Marketing


As more individuals move from print books to their digitized adaptations, eBook advertising has turned into an appealing road for writers to investigate instead of the conventional method for promoting that included reaching distributing houses or operators and a considerable measure of persuading to get your book out. In addition, some conventional distributers search for books that will interest specialty markets and point of confinement their advertising to specific types.

Digital book advancements, then again, are quick, simple and can possibly place you in moment spotlight. Perusers simply cherish the comfort of having the capacity to convey a thousand books in one little electronic gadget. In addition, eBooks are not as expensive as their print partners. eBooks are a pattern among the new era of perusers, and these are an extensive arrangement of an intended interest group to advertise your book effectively.

Indeed, there are many preferences and impediments of eBook promoting. How about we talk about a couple of here:


# E-books are growing in popularity among the readers

In the past few years, eBook sales have increased exponentially, and the popularity of eBooks as compared to print books is definitely on the rise. eBooks are simply convenient to carry around, read anywhere and anytime. Most eBook readers come with a backlight that makes it possible to read under low-light conditions too. Users can take their entire ‘library’ wherever they go! Well, other than the traditional route, ebook promotions could be a quicker way to establish yourself as an author.

# Fast and easy

You can publish an eBook yourself, or get it done via a book marketing company. Either way, it’s going to be a lot faster than traditional publishing. If you decide to do it yourself, complete your manuscript and convert it to the formats that most of the popular eBook-readers use, and submit the finished book to the most famous avenues available for publishing an eBook. If you contact an eBook publisher, they will also make sure that your book is available at all the major online bookstores.

# Costs little or nothing

EBook publishing and marketing costs way less than the traditional methods. eBooks can be submitted to various popular websites to gain the right kind of visibility without spending a fortune on advertising and marketing.

# Revision and update

EBooks can be revised and updated whenever you want. In a case of non-fiction books, you can quickly change the content that has become obsolete and adds information that is more relevant in this rapidly changing world.

# Strong eBook sales record could create a good impression on a publisher

If you are using a combination of an eBook and a print copy, the eBook serves as a means to an instant spotlight. With the reviews and the number of downloads, you can quickly gauge the popularity of your book and the type of audience you might want to target for your print copy. It helps put things in the right perspective when you prepare a marketing plan for your print version. If your eBook sales records are great, it helps create a good impression on a prospective publisher.


# Resistance to change

Some people still prefer print books. They resist any changes in their core habits, and if reading a print book appeals to them, they might not care for electronic versions. Marketing your books to these readers might be a daunting task.

# Reproduction of graphics

EBook readers do not have a standard format and some of them do not even support the display of graphics. Moreover, some of the low-price readers support only a black and white screen. For particular types of books, this might not be a hindrance, but for textbooks and books that require illustrations, this is a major setback.

# Digital rights management

While distributing books via the digital media, protecting the author’s copyright is one of the prime concerns. Copying and duplicating a file is very easy and piracy has become a major problem. Encryption and secure distribution of eBooks could be one way to preserve the copyrights of authors.

eBooks and print books go hand in hand. eBooks can never completely replace print books, and traditional books will never become obsolete. Whether you are a budding author or an established author, marketing your book in the right way is the key to success. There are many advantages and disadvantages of marketing eBooks. Make sure that you understand them before you create a marketing plan that will help you market your books to the right target audience.

Logistics & Supply Chain Mobile Apps

A couple of years back, the expression “coordinations” was connected with just a couple works on including transport, messenger, supply and so forth, be that as it may, the changed situation at present has added numerous new angles to this term. Store network too has experienced a similar stage and advanced chains are no longer detached from each other inside the plan of action. The relationship of innovation with these administrations have helped their execution as well as conveyed accommodation to the end clients. Educated experts are supporting their endeavors with the most recent portability gadgets and applications keeping in mind the end goal to be at the front column with regards to rival them.

Due to the immediate and simple reach of portable applications among clients, these organizations are grasping their administrations and bringing change into what they have been doing up to now. With the assistance of versatile applications, organizations are following stock and shipments, building up obtainment exchanges and re-requesting forms, collaborating continuously with provider accomplice both inner and outside. The accompanying study tosses all the more light on the applications that help Logistics and Supply chain make progress in their operations;

# Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK

This is an award-winning app, which transforms, tablets, smartphones and wearable devices into enterprise-grade barcode scanning tools for employees and users. The Scandit Barcode Scanner Demo app displays the barcode scanning performance of the Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK. Scandit keeps itself apart from the rest of the barcode or QR code scanners by not demanding the data to be perfect for the process. This app also comes with the feature of cross platform capabilities.

# Evernote

Although, this app does not cater to the requirements which enterprises linked with logistics, inventory management and warehousing generally have, however, its dynamic and extremely useful tools enable you to organize your work effortlessly. Using this app you can write, collect and capture ideas as researchable notes in a variety of formats, checklists, notebooks and to-do-lists. You can use its camera to capture, scan and comment on pieces of papers such as printed documents, business cards, handwriting and sketches.

# Logistics

This app is especially designed for Android devices that track vehicles, drivers, shipments and clients. Simply register and start operating your tasks on the go. Logistics is one of the best solutions to the queries of the enterprises associated with warehousing. This app comes with a few exceptional operational capabilities which offers help when you juggle with your warehouse and logistic operations. Simply install this mobile app solution and get the visibility of your enterprise extended.

# EazyStock

EazyStock is inventory optimization software, which lowers costs on one hand and boosts the availability of your speedy turning more profitable items on the other. Having convenient API integrations with any Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tool, inventory professionals can automate acquirement and refilling procedure that were just a work of guess and slashing into profit margins. The KPI dashboards display how things are piling up and where you can cut down the cost. Above all, this app is available absolutely free for users.

# CoPilot Truck

Emerged as a game changer for the logistic and chain supply industry, CoPilot Truck basically offers you a map and direction for the best routing. This is one of the vital apps for the professional driver industry. Unlike from the average Google Maps app, CoPilot comes loaded with a few unique features as well as algorithms that help drivers drive on more accurate routes. These routes are based on the more dynamic information including the kind of load for dangerous material transport, routing parameters and recommendations on the height of a truck as well as the weight.

# GasBuddy

GasBuddy is a very popular app, which is dynamically built for the Logistic and Chain supplier industry and it lets you locate the cheapest gas station nearby. It dynamically assembles information from a giant user base in Canada and the United States to help you find the cheapest cost across a number of different stations. This can pave the path of a serious saving for the fleets hauling freight across the country and saving some cents per gallon; thus, can contribute a lot in this saving.

#  Service Max

This app is appeared on the horizon as one of the major tools for field service management. Its 100 percent establishment relies on the Salesforce1 platform and it seamlessly establishes an association with service contracts, parts management, order management, social media customer monitoring, workforce optimizing, customer communities and analytics into an organization’s sales force system. As far as creating an end-to-end view of your service organization is concerned, ServiceMax offers a 360 degree outlook and regardless of location, its technicians provide help to give apt solutions to the customers’ issues. Its unique features like Smart Sync, an easy to use calendar, one touch native link, automated pricing rules and many more make it one of the most dynamic tools.