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Monthly Archives: July 2016

Steps to Raise Capital for Your Startup

Startup originators spend various hours to work out an approach to manage raise capital by on and on improving their methodologies for achievement. The strategy isn’t basic, in any case. New organizations need to wear down their outline, produce systems, and go out into the market with a sensible vision and a flawless measure of structure that could help them find their arranged monetary masters and offer them what they have been searching for in potential wander excellent endeavor.

Here are the means required during the time spent capital raising :

# Start with an Ideas

A thought alone is not adequate to pull in assets. You have to dive profound into your thought and recognize your One of a kind Offering Point (USP) that help you stand separated from the opposition. What is the issue that you are tending to and what is your proposed arrangement? After you have distinguished the same, attempt to express it in a few words.

# Change over words into a model

The following stride in the wake of distinguishing your USP is building a model around it. This does not need to be an undeniable item. Taking the exceptional elements and placing them into a Photoshop, Powerpoint, or introducing it to your financial specialist on a bit of paper would suffice. Keep in mind that speculators incline toward seeing unmistakable things. Aside from this, you can make a little energized video about your item.

# Come up with a functional prototype

This can be a challenging phase for many. After all, converting a pictorial prototype into a functional one is not a piece of cake. However, you need not develop a finished product. Work on the unique features instead. It is better to seek professional help. Developing your functional prototype is extremely important so make sure to be careful.

# Customer acquisition

Getting traction for your product is something that’s also challenging. This is when you need to pull up your socks and do all that you can to spread the word around as much as possible. Be it Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or any other channel – get active, talk about your product and try to acquire prospective customers.

# Monetise strategies

Working on the USP of your product and reaching this far you would know that your idea is feasible. This is when you can consider building a business model around your feature. This includes determining ways to generate income from your idea. Identify the primary, secondary, and tertiary stakeholders for your business. The stakeholders you choose will play different roles in your business at different levels. Successful implementation of strategies at this time can help you secure some funds that would enable you to move a step forward. If you are a novice, it’s better to seek help of professional full time or part time CFO.

# Scale your product

By the time you reach this far, you have the cash coming to your bank account. Now is the time to spread your wings. Scale your product to accommodate wider usage. By this time, you are all ready to approach your investors with a clear number to tell them how much money do you require, for what, and what would be the Return on Investment (ROI). With factual answers to your questions, you can move on to develop your pitch.

# Prepare a pitch

The pitch that you create here is the stretched out version of what you had created initially. Create a simple presentation describing the feature set of your product, the numbers coming out of traction levels, and market size. You not only need to impress your investors with your business idea, but also convince them that investing in your business or product is worthwhile.

# Seek investors and deliver the pitch

After you have prepared your pitch, utilise your local Angel Network to look for investors. Besides, you can join any accelerator program or approach University incubation center. Once you have found out your investors, try to showcase your diligence and intelligence. Convince them that you can be trusted. This is the time to impress your prospective investors. However, remember that you might not be able to achieve success the very first time, so be prepared for rejections as well.

# Improve your product

To ensure that your product adjusts with the changing internal and external variables, don’t forget to refine your product constantly. This increases your chances to attract investors, whose funds can be utilised for development or marketing.

Guide to Boost Employees Health and Morale

Today numerous associations are hoping to support their worker’s resolve and are thinking of new techniques to get each and every staff part included and feel like part of a group. Resolve today is critical and an association with low assurance can prompt to poor correspondence, low efficiency, due dates not being met furthermore a high staff turnover which brings about higher expenses.

Spirit in a working environment can be enhanced by ensuring that representatives feel secure in the working environment and aren’t continually agonizing over losing their occupation, this can be accomplished by ensuring that your association has a low staff turnover and workers feel esteemed at the working environment.

This can be accomplished by ensuring that representatives feel that their work is more than only an occupation and this can be accomplished by making group exercises and occasions month to month to attempt and bring confidence up in the workplace. In the event that a worker feels like they are a piece of a group then they will be more disposed to remain faithful to the association and this will bring about an expansion in work efficiency.

Distributing work proficiently is an incredible approach to enhance assurance and prevent representatives from being over-burden with work, representatives that are given an excess of work to do will feel continually focused and this will bring about an abatement in work profitability.

A strong team builds a strong business. If you have a happy group of staff and the morale in your company is high, your team will be able to achieve so much more!

Promotions are another huge factor in employee’s morale and companies should make sure to actively reward staff who constantly make positive contributions and are loyal to the organisation. Companies that offer promotions will have a lower staff turnover and more loyal employees who feel happier with their job.

Another option is to provide employees with training courses, this will allow them to not only improve their performance at work but will also make them feel valued at the organisation and happier with their job. There are plenty out there, from a photoshop course to specialist project management course – your staff will appreciate this enhancement to their CV and their self confidence.

Health is an important factor for employees at any organisation and it’s important to keep your staff healthy so that they can work to the best of their ability. You can improve employee’s morale by making sure that staff are fairly treated, this will result in staff feeling less stressed which results in improved work productivity.

A simple but effective method of improving health for employees is to make sure that all staff know about health and safety procedures, if more staff know about health and safety then this can result in fewer absences that are caused by back pains and muscle injuries.

An employee that feels valued at the organisation and is looking forward to coming into the office will have good mental health and this leads to a more active employee who isn’t feeling tired and can get more work done.

Making employees happy at an organisation will result in fewer mental health problems such as stress, depression and anxiety. This will result in less days being taken off by employees as they are mentally stable and don’t feel the need to take days off.

Businesses today are trying to focus on making sure that their employees are financially supported and stable for the future this can be achieved by introducing a workplace pension scheme, this will help to support staff for the future.

Offering financial advice is important for employees as it lets them know that they are valued and also prepares them for the future as well, a large number of employees worry about finances and this causes them to be under a huge amount of stress which can result in days being taken off.

A recent trend in organisations is to hire a workplace doctor, this doesn’t involve a permanent doctor but consists of a doctor that works off site and comes in once or twice a week to discuss health problems with employees. This will demonstrate a commitment to a healthy workplace and also make your employees feel valued as well.

Finally the last option is to try and promote healthy activities in the workplace, this can be done by offering things like bike racks and perhaps adding a small gym area for employees to exercise in during breaks or before and after work.

Tips to Attract Links

Inbound links – they are a must-have for any search engine optimization strategy. It’s why SEO agencies focus on them as much as they do. They know that gaining a quality portfolio of links can really help improve the ranking of websites. Google and other search engines use inbound links as a factor when determining where to place your site in the SERPs.

So naturally, the more high-quality links you have, the better. Unfortunately, many brands can’t do this without the assistance of an SEO company that offers link building services. Those who attempt to do it on their own oftentimes fail horribly. They end up with a ton of poor quality links because they become desperate or their content just isn’t quality enough. It’s important to understand that quality is everything to search engines today, so you’re not going to get by with obtaining inbound links from sites that are spammy or irrelevant.

Since link building isn’t something you can or should ignore, it’s important to learn how to do it like a pro. The following are the ways modern-day link building gurus are doing it at just about every SEO agency in Los Angeles.

# Naturally Attract Links

No one likes a beggar, so give people a reason to want to link to you instead of simply asking them to. While it’s alright to work for your links, it’s also important to make inbound links come to you. The only way to do this is to create content that is appealing to others in your industry. It should speak of things that will entice their audiences, so they’ll want to share it with them.

The concept is to create a high-value asset that offers information or entertainment (or both). Offer this to the world and people will naturally start linking to and sharing it with others on blogs and social media. It’s possible to gain hundreds or even thousands of natural inbound links with this not-always-simple method.

This is the safest way to build links, since folks are naturally choosing to link to your site, rather than you seeking it to manipulate your rank. So there’s no chance of getting a Google penalty. There’s also a chance that this content will go viral, since it’s being shared on a massive level. Not to mention, this will also help to boost your credibility.

 # How to Create a Link-Building Asset

So how do you go about building content that people naturally want to link to? There are various ways you can make this happen:

  • With content: This comes in a variety of forms, such as e-books, whitepapers, articles, videos and infographics. They’re all great choices and you can even create one of each to really broaden your horizons. People will always value content, especially if it offers information and entertainment they value. Content is definitely a great place to start when you’re first beginning a link building strategy.
  • With data: Taking raw data and turning it into an easy-to-digest piece can be very valuable to a lot of people. This takes information sharing to another level because it allows others to properly understand something that is complex, but valuable for whatever reason – whether it’s learning how to lose weight faster, get healthier quicker or sell more of a product. This type of content becomes citable, which means more inbound links coming your way.
  • With tools: Create a practical tool that people can use for work or for play. For instance, you can make a calculator that allows you to figure out how many solar panels you need to install. You can also make games or quizzes, which can be both entertaining and educational.
  • With gimmicks: In other words, contests. You can sponsor some type of game for everyone to join in on in exchange for a free prize. This may get people sharing and engaging with your site, especially if you use social media as a tool.
  • With people: This would only work if the person in question has some type of influence in your industry. If you can connect with someone who is an influencer, and they share your content, then their large group of followers will likely share it as well.

Link building is one of the best and affordable ways to boost your visibility, credibility and ranking. You can work together with an SEO agency to improve your link building strategy tenfold.