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Monthly Archives: June 2016

Maximize Landing Pages Tips

Your digital marketing campaign can not be complete without properly formatted landing pages aimed at attracting a specific audience to your business.  Only a web design agency in Bucks County can fully understand and appreciate what makes your so trivial to the community.  There’s more that goes into a landing page than you might think.  In this guide, we will go over the basics of landing page anatomy to ensure the largest return on investment.

# Headline and Subheader are Vital

Through our past experiences working with clients all over the Philadelphia region, landing pages that don’t tell you EXACTLY what the rest of the page is about, is borderline useless.  You only have 3-5 seconds to make a good first impression on your potential customer so it’s best to assure them that they’ve come to the right place.

Let’s say that you run the digital marketing for a new brewery that just opened up in Philadelphia and you want to attract more customers to your brick-and-mortar location through an effective landing page.  To start, a good headline to attract an audience and to identify yourselves might look something like, “Infinity Brewery’s taps are open for business!”

Directly underneath this should be your subheader, which might look something like, “A new Philadelphia brewery providing a relaxed atmosphere, sharable finger foods, and the best beer made south of Market Street.”  In a matter of 3 seconds, any viewer knows exactly what your brand is, what service or product you provide, where your general location is, and encourages to read the rest of the page.

# Imagery that reflects your brand

Any decent web designer should know that more and more users are making decisions based on visual cues.  Things such as color scheme, shapes, and placement are all aspects to consider when designing your landing page.  Placement is arguably the most important factor to consider because you don’t want the image to be in a position where it takes the user’s attention away from the main points.  Instead, it should enhance the value of your headline, subheader, and call-to-action (CTA).

Let’s continue that brewery example from before; in this case, a video or series of professional photos (No, your niece’s cellphone photo won’t help) capturing the atmosphere you establish for your clientele and the products you serve would be ideal.  In this case, if your audience sees a video or photos of your establishment, they might feel enticed to go based on the look and feel on your landing page.

# Social media icons

Properly utilized social media sharing icons should be easy to see, and I know this may sound redundant but they should also be functional.  Don’t be the fool who misses out on hundreds of likes or tweets because the URL in your href is incorrect or whatever the case may be.  If people care enough about your brand to share it on social media, don’t deny them!

Depending on your specific brand you may have different social media accounts.  A carpenter may not rely heavily on Twitter or Instagram as they would Home Advisor or Yelp.  However, a local band looking to expand their outreach might utilize Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat as opposed to Yelp or Google+.  If you notice, in the header of the Infinity Digital Agency website is where our social media icons are located, making it nice and easy for people to check them out!

# Call-to-Actions

Give your audience a reason to move forward in the conversion process.  A local newspaper or magazine might feature a form to sign up for their newsletter.  Restaurants could benefit from a button that links to their special deals and coupons.  In any case, a good call-to-action should stand out.  Try to avoid using the blacks, whites, and greys of the color spectrum.  Instead, make it stand out by using your primary colors.

In addition to prominence, the text inside your CTA should be in-line with the process.  If the user is signing up for a newsletter campaign, have the link text say, “Subscribe to Newsletter” as opposed to just, “Submit” or “OK”.  If your CTA meets these criteria, your local SEO will no doubt be improved.

# Add value to your brand

Why should your customers continue navigating through your site?  If your landing page doesn’t answer this question then it’s time to reevaluate some things.  This is an often over-looked aspect but it should not be ignored.  In all honesty, it can be summed up in 3 or 4 short bullet points.  Why should your customer do business with you instead of your competitors?  Express to them that their satisfaction is your guarantee, or that you’ve been doing business in the community for 50 years, really anything that makes you stand out from the rest of the pack.

If applicable to your industry, even a few of your best testimonials would be a great addition.  Potential customers seeing the words of satisfied customers can go a long way in acquisition.

No landing page is complete without these

Landing pages are a key factor in search engine optimization because they can expand your specific market astronomically if done correctly.  Simply put, companies that create 10-15 effective landing pages see a 55% increase in leads.  One more key element to keep in mind is that if you are in the process of creating multiple ones, each one needs to contain unique content.  Having the same content across multiple landing pages will get you penalized by Google.

So in essence, landing pages should be concise, visually appealing, and simple to navigate.  You only have 3-5 seconds to make a good first impression so keep all of the above aspects in mind when creating yours.

Create a Strong Startup Mark


There is a plenitude openings in the market new companies are likewise a wealth rivalry. In the group showcase, setting up your startup is critical for its survival and achievement. They say that notoriety creates mark, so it’s fundamental for yours early introduction and make a steady observation in the psyches of the clients. While fabulous outline, enthralling logo, great quality administrations and items that advance the brand, it is the positive picture for your organization that manufactures a strong, champion begin. Your brand& resounds with clients, makes reliability and gives you a chance to emerge. So then it comes to giving you’re out in the open nearness, drawing in clients and building your business, you need a decent begin.

Here are a few tips to make solid new businesses that are in current trends :

# Characterize the motivation behind your brand , it’s not only a guarantee

Each brand& make a guarantee, in the commercial center where clients’ certainty is down, it is not about guarantee but rather additionally characterizing your motivation. Layout explanations behind beginning your business, highlighting what will make you not quite the same as yours rival and what are extraordinary about your items or administrations.

# Maintain consistency & coherence of the mark

Once you have set your images, you want to fertilize the minds of the user target & make sure you manage it. Keep your message consistent on all your digital platform will prevent your user from being confused & building sense of trust.

Each element of marketing should work together to express & enhance the personality of your brands at each platform.

# Create a connection through emotional voice

To succeed, brand must create emotional connection & establish relationship with their customers. Many users trust on a particular product evoke emotions. Many buying decisions depending on the emotion as well. Using these strategies, people believe that they are part of lager community.

Never try to share your dry corporate to your customers or users. But send notification messages/push messages for users or customers.

# Create original & creative content

Content marketing & content go together. Branding startups are all about good, helpful & fresh content marketing. You should aim high quality, relevant & unique content.

When we think about Red Bull, we think it’s an energy drink for adventurers. Because Red Bull  made an excellent brand image using Red Bull blog ,social media campaigns & videos that interact with customers.

Blogs are the best way to drive the traffic for your particular website, branding about your search rankings & establish a brand& position. SMM plays a vital role in branding for startup these days. Make the content so unique so that targeted audience will not have choice but stick down to your brand.

powerful tool for promoting our brand is video marketing. Videos will allow to share & create remarkable content for customers in memorable & interesting way.

# Cultivate sustainable customer loyalty

Customers are the pillars to any business & loyal customers are those who keep our business in regulation. So make sure you raise your loyalty to your followers, consumers & customers.

We build trust by talking to customers; whether it is a personalised thank you note, or else listen & ask their experiences through online customer feedback or else testimonials. Be sure & encourage conversation on your SMM. Providing quality service in another way to build loyalty.

# Maintain a adjustable approach

Can your company rotate easily if needed? Can you adapt to the new situations? Can you change startup ideas to get new calculations?

These all are important queries on flexibility. Startup facing all new challenges & being flexible is an advantage. Flexibility can make adjustments to your company’s next-generation expectations, change trends & keep pace with the fast & evolving pace of technology.

# Hearing & being heard: Providing excellent customer service

Train all the employees in communication & efficient customer service. A well-maintained communication with your customers will be a long way to gaining trust & commitment. Zappos, a well knowed footwear factory excels at user service. It has separate service that answers customers’ questions, also a segment on the website called Zappos Insight which comprises reviews, videos, frequently asked questions & more means of communication to ensure & serve the customer.

Social Media Tips for Small Business

social-media-tipsThe advanced age is changing the way we collaborate with each other. Yet, past that, it’s likewise changing the way we work together. Online systems like business sites and web-based social networking are progressively getting to be mainstream roads to achieve particular and general groups of onlookers.

While huge firms have a whole group devoted to dealing with their records, this doesn’t imply that little endeavors will begin falling behind. The colossal thing about the Internet is that it’s by and large free for everybody to get to.

Here are six of the most fundamental online networking tips private ventures can use further bolstering their good fortune:

# Set Objectives

Each business ought to have long haul arranges it can take after as it comes. Setting objectives is a pivotal initial phase in building up your web-based social networking system.

As an independent venture, your objectives will change from, say, greater companies. However, the fortunate thing about it is that you will have the capacity to have more solid arranges in both the long and short-term.

A couple of cases of long haul objectives would be: business development and system extension. Be that as it may, fleeting objectives will come the lines of producing a specific number of leads, or achieving a set measure of offers.

Both these sorts of objectives are critical in setting up your business. Transient objectives are there as unmistakable aides that you are moving towards a greater picture – your long haul objectives.

# Brainstorm with Your Team

One of the best things about a small business is that you have an intimate relationship with your team. Establishing clos-knit and comfortable ties with colleagues is conducive to creative opportunities.

Make the most of your environment to generate ideas with your team. Plan brainstorming sessions. They don’t have to be formal at all. Pitching ideas to each other without the pressure of an extremely corporate setting may generate ideas great for an innovative digital media.

3. Proofread Content

However, despite the fun type of environment you may have, always make sure to double-check your final output. EssayOnTime content manager Belinda Richardson aptly points out, “Remember that you’re still running a business, and your brand tone and image must always be consistent.”

Proofread content with writing service such as Uk-dissertation, look at audience feedback, and make sure you’re generating the kind of material audiences want to see. A trendy social media network doesn’t always work if content isn’t up to the target group’s standard.

# Survey the Audience

That said, determining your audience is the most important thing you need to do. This will serve as a guide in every action and content you churn out.

Once you’ve determined who you want to reach out to, conduct a survey, no matter how informal, to determine the audience’s wants and needs. You can then start to tailor your products or services to their demands.

# Reach Out

Since we’re talking about social media, don’t forget to reach out to your target market. Keeping your items up for display work for a big firms, but small businesses constantly have to build brand awareness.

Engage the audience by giving out promos, sending appreciation packages for especially loyal customers, and encouraging them to tell their friends about it as well. Making people know that you value their loyalty is one step in ensuring a solid customer base through social media.

# Make Use of Analytics

The numbers won’t lie – you can determine the satisfaction rate of customers through analytic tools that are available online.

Tools like Facebook Insights or Twitter Analytics can tell you how people are responding to your content. Tweak your output accordingly to how audiences respond.

With these tips, you can help generate brand awareness and eventually, sales and conversion, for your business. The road is long and not for the faint of heart, but it can be rewarding for the innovative and the determined.

Social Media Hasn’t Changed Marketing, So Be SMART

Marketing is the same as ever, it is just the marketing channels that has changed. The principles are still the same in that you manipulate people’s thoughts and actions based on what they see or hear. Use SMART on social media – Specific Measurable Attainable Relevant Time.

Many of the marketing tactics that still work within traditional media will work on social media, so long as you are using and adopting the correct channel and are targeting the correct audience.